Let’s Start a New Newsletter!

Why may your company need a newsletter? Do you have new products or services that need to be promoted, or invaluable information your customers may need? Outside of recalls or product/service your business need to limit the lack of communication and replace it with continuous customer interaction. Every attempt your business gets to interact prospectively with your clientele can mean another business deal to get the business to the next level.

The format of your newsletter needs to be reflective of not only your product/services, how they can be utilized to better service the clientele. It needs to be easy to read and comprehensive. Your prospective audience may have a short attention span, or amount of time. Keep the format consistent as well. Have fun with it!

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May your marketing and advertising be productive!

Jessica Keyes, Owner and Marketing Support


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Do I Need to Update My Website…Half the Year Is Gone!

Too update or not too update my website…that is the Question!?  It is the usual thought business owners have the first month of the year and revisit mid-year if you no results from your marketing plan activities. Consistent updates on your product/services, staff and business specials are important to keeping your customers returning. The right marketing development team can make it work for you.

Who do you need to help you and your business? Either the help of a loyal and valuable employee(s) or a company who provides marketing services is a great source for keeping the WEBSIE DYNAMIC. Make sure you check with their credentials and that they can do effectively what needs to be done.

New additions other then updates to products, services and profiles may be needed. Have you added any customer testimonials this year? Perhaps a new page featuring your customers input are needed. Whatever the new feature is, you need it to be purposeful and direct to your prospective audience. Start a list of what improvements you want to focus on before you ENGAGE your SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Whichever methods you use to update your website start prepping. What content you need to put together you may want to get started if you haven’t already. It is never too late to get started, but the effectiveness of what you are trying to do do can be diminished the longer you wait. Competition may be fierce but you can be fiercer!

May your marketing and advertising be productive!

Jessica Keyes, Owner and Marketing Support


Email: VAExtraordinaire@aol.com

Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/author/keyesjessica



Why Do We Advertise?

Advertising versus branding is always a question. When you advertise, the focus is on showing the product or service. Branding is a focus on helping solidify client knowledge of the company and what they can provide. It is not focused on a specific product. You want to advertise your product or service…where do you start?

Product or Service Advertising Dos’

  • Keep the message consistent in wording and colors.
  • Have a good product/service tag line that is catchy!
  • Advertise the product/service in publications that correlate with what your company provides.
  • Make sure your Marketing Plan incorporates advertising needs in its budget.
  • Have a direct contact clearly noted in advertisements of the product/service.
  • Double check each post or ad for misspelling and needed photo copywrites.
  • Make sure all media socially posted is company approved.

Product or Service Questions to Ask

  • Does my advertisement focus on specifics about what makes my product/service unique?
  • Can my contact for the company respond to clients in a 24 hour to 48 hour time frame?
  • Did I consult my Marketing Plan and make sure the budget is updated?
  • Is there another publication my company can benefit from that it is not advertising in?

Now that the advertising part of you is more focused, apply it to your current advertising and make the changes you may need to make. Good advertising is a main drive in selling product/services, and one half of what goes with proper branding.

What is in YOUR Bag?

If you are a leader who has been put through a test of ingenuity and strength…what is in your bag? As a leader you are continually  tested by your clients, employees and service vendors. Those tests make you reach in your bag of magic tricks and pull out nuggets others did not expect. Now that you are focused on your bag…what is in it? How have you persevered?

Employee/Customer Relations

The most complicated relationships in life exist in the relationship with employees and customers  alike. Both have the same potential abilities to be successful as they do explosive. “Successful” is the preferred way leaders want things to turn. The more successful, the less you have to open the bag. If you are in a leadership position take mind of steps and actions to have most comingle successfully. Reach into that bag if necessary.


The type of services and products you provide will not be ideal for everyone. There is a dramatically small percentage of the population you can impact in extensive levels. Depending on the requirement of individual or group needs the variety of what you will need to provide will change dramatically. It also depends on the usefulness of your services or products toward men, women and animals. Reaching into your bag or bags at this point will prompt you to better identify potential steps to increase the size and growth of your business.


The main role of the Marketing Plan is to help brand the company and its general products and services. The Marketing Plan is a specialized and uniquely formulated way to help you and your product shine. It can be viewed as a stand alone Marketing Plan or combined with an Advertising Plan. Either way it has to be consistent with your products and services. What is in your marketing bag?


The main role of the Advertising Plan is to publicize and interest its prospective clients. It needs to exemplify and share your unique products and services.              Reach in your local and national advertising bag to look for the most appropriate places to advertise. Utilize them and your venders for the best Advertising Plan success you can pull out of your bag!


In business there is a direct correlation of finance and success. Finding your financier translates into bridging the gap to pursuit of your product(s) and service(s). In your bag access to your approach on the Marketing and Advertising Plan need to intersect with the service(s) and product(s) on a financial and creative database.

If you have been in the place where you are lift holding the bag, assisted in holding the bag or witnessed those who were (and I guarantee you have been one of each at some time of your life) find a place it it to

Your Marketing Plan

The creation of the marketing plan is very important to the growth and stability of the business. Often forgotten, with an established business and an existing Marketing PLA n that is often left untouched. I myself had gone a few years without having a written Marketing Plan. If it had been written at the time I would have been more focused.

What Is the Purpose of the Marketing Plan?

If you don’t already have a Marketing Plan, it is important to have one in existence, and one in WRITING. Is important to have the existing Marketing Plan beginning of the year, and any necessary edits to the plan needed as the year progresses. As days and months change he options that are available to the business may change. Make sure you set the date in your calendar for a Marketing Plan Review!

Marketing Plan Review

In order to keep your plan updated it’s important to interact with the employees of the professionals in your business , and to make sure that is in line with the focus of your business. Make sure that you review the goals of your business and strategies that you want to use, or are initially using. Take care of suggestions and notes that your employees, clients and other partners may have. The more complete the plan is, the more useful it will be in the long run. Make sure the ad review date that it was done to keep you reminded. An added date and unreviewed plan is irrelevant to the company and a waste of your time. So what dates did you set for your marketing plan review?

Setting Up a New Marketing Plan

The first time you said up a marketing plan for your business can be tricky if you not sure how to do so. There are many templates online that you can utilize, or programs that you can utilize as well. The most efficient marketing plan is tweaked and personalized for that individual business. First set what a goal is supposed to be the business in the year and inputted into the marketing plan. Take into account the importance of financing, preferences for marketing locations and the venues that you would like to market in. The setup of the marketing plan will differ based on the purpose of it. If you’re doing a marketing plan for a bank, the main focus will be finance. If your marketing plan is to be utilized for the investment of company ideas and products it may need to be a little more detailed. Have your business leaders take part in the marketing plan at all times and approve it. Make sure all the employees understand what the focus is throughout the year. Whether it be a plan for financing or for product /service development make sure everybody is on board. If the plan is not adopted by everyone involved the goal(s) for the year will fall by the wayside. Successful businesses all have their building years and their growth years. Make sure that is understood when you’re creating your new marketing plan.

Administrative Tasking 101

You have a career or profession for reason. Part of that reason is because you love what you’re doing, or that is just the skill that you discovered in life… and your good at. But do you have like every aspect of your career? Are there some tasks that you don’t enjoy… but are an everyday hazard to your total creativity? This is where Administrative Tasking 101 comes into play.

Everyone has a task that they don’t enjoy. Perhaps it is writing those first couple of emails or sending  receipts to their clients. Whatever it is, it is important to have someone handle those tasks that will make it easier on you as an entrepreneur and in your career so you can open your mind to other creative uses of your time and reach another level of success.

Initially you need to make sure at the person/people who handle the necessary administrative tasking are qualified to handle your goals and objectives effectively. You need to pave the road for those handling your administrative tasks. Ask yourself these questions:

What task do I have to handle daily that I do not enjoy?

What tasks take away from my creativity and free time that I can trust to others?

By opening your mind to better uses of your skills, you may even discover new ones, or think of other creative ideas that you would not have thought up otherwise. Sometimes having a little free time to yourself will just help keep you sane. A clean desk does not mean that you are not working hard enough, it means that you are well portioning out the daily tasks well.

Make sure to communicate with the people who are you helping you with the tasking. As well as they may be at doing the work needed, doesn’t mean it won’t get done to your specifications without explanation. Think of yourself as that person and ask how you would explain it to them. Good communicating, as well as timely communicating means you are in track to a less stressful career.

Business Card Revival

Business Card Revival

How long has it been since you have updated your business card? Does it reflect what you are currently offering as services and/or products? Having an up to date business card is sometimes one of the first marketing items you may present to clients.

Using the Back and Front of the Card?

Are you using both the back and front of the card? Some businesses that are entrepreneurial can do what they want on it, others that have criteria for cards to meet that are only supposed to be one sided or used for just one business make sure you adhere as required. A suggestion is to have one of the sides non-glossy so you can us it for writing as needed. Use it as a place to write an appointment date or another phone number people can contact you. Make it useful. Some people prefer listing there services as well.

What Contact Information Does It Contain?

It’s important your contact information is updated and pertinent  to the business. One one of the first mistakes I see contacts do is leave a crossed of email address and say it was updated but you wanted to finish using the cards. Throw them away  and create new ones as part of your marketing plan!

Picture or No Picture?

Depending on your business a picture of yourself on the card can be helpful so people can recognize you at a networking meeting. Make sure it is as current as it gets and reflects what you currently look like down to your hair and weight. Their is no way to skew your clients if a handshake is in your future!

Don’t Overfill the Business Card With Too Much Information

Make sure to only include the pertinent information and let the printed writing have enough space to be easily seen by the receiver. Make sure the colors are not hard too see. In a business card that is too colorful or too lite the room lighting can cause a a number of issues as well.

Have fun creating one of the most important marketing tools you have. When you first meet a client it may be the only calling card you leave them with.

Branding Your Business

The Basics of Branding Your Business

A clear understanding and procedure of branding your business is just as important to your advertising efforts based on products. When you’re branding your business, the focus needs to be more on special services that you provide and not based on just product sold.

I have seen many a company that does not have a clear understanding of what the differences between products that they’re trying to sell and their unique types of service are. It’s easy to have a great sale of products for a one-time profit, but  well-placed branding places distinction on your business and makes it stand out as unique on a more permanent scale. Creating a brand, is more than making yourself identifiable to the business community, it helps people identify YOU when you walk in the room.

The first year I started  Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire I started immediate self branding using a bull’s eye as part of my company logo. Nine years later my business colleagues still identify me immediately when they see the logo. Having a good virtual presence as well as an on-site presence allows you to set a precedent with colleagues  when you walk into a room. It’s very rare that I walk into a room and not have somebody recognize myself or my business.

**Just make sure when used start the branding process that you use the correct direction, otherwise you will not be successful in the branding process and potential clients won’t understand what you’re trying to do. YOU are the goal of developing the brand and re-branding can be difficult if necessary.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an answer for the modern business professional. Whether you are searching for help on a part-time or project basis your needs can be met with right person. Whether working as part of a team or individually a VA can be a valuable resource.

What Can a VA Do for You?

Everything from administrative tasks, marketing presentations/materials, research projects and more can be done. The purpose of have a VA is to free up your time to get done what needs done and you can focus on what is most enjoyable about your profession. Too many professionals get caught up in detail that could easily be handled by an assistant. The outside perspective can also help you find solutions where you don’t see any.

What to Look for In a Virtual Assistant

Before you hire a VA make sure to check their credentials and qualifications. References are always a good idea to make sure they can accomplish what is required. If there is a sample of their work make sure to take the time to review. Not only do they represent you and what you do, but may end up having to talk to your clientele.

How to Contract

I always believe a clear and concise contract is a guaranteed way to make sure the project tasks and goals are completed, especially if it is one time specialty project. If working with someone consistently make sure to set up a system of checks and balances. How will they track their time? I usually suggest a Contract Agreement, Disclosure Agreement and a specified Statement of Work.